/A Cuatro Manos/ is a collective of two skilled artists, each an expert in FlamencOriental.

Valérie Romanin (Flamenco Descalzo®) and Patricia Álvarez (danza árabe creativa) are both investigating the links between Flamenco and Belly dance. They also share a strong interest in Tribal, Gypsy dances and Folk dances.

Their collaboration started in 2009. Since then, they have been comparing and co...nfronting their approach to FlamencOriental which turned to be complementary. This parternship is producing an innovative artistic work.

The purpose of /A Cuatro Manos/ is to share the knowledge and increase discernment of FlamencOriental through performances and thematic workshops.

Their teaching offers a combination of technique and expression as follows:


> melody and organic movements;

> rhythmic exercises and step patterns;

> guided improvisation to increase perception of space and group synchronization;

> short choreography focusing on expressiveness.





                                  /A Cuatro Manos/

Valérie Romanin (France) - Patricia Álvarez (Spain)

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