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Patricia Álvarez (1975-Madrid)

Dance artist 
Degree in Arab Studies, (UAM), Madrid, 1999
Eclectic dancer, in her dance the traditional dances of the Mediterranean area coexist 

with contemporary dance and  flamenco.
She researchs the expresión of body and gesture in cultural traditions, 

travelling through different places in its search. Egypt, Morocco, Rumania, Bulgary, Balkans are different places where she finds a rich tradicion in dance

plenty of diversity but common ways. 
Like passionate about the full art of dance, she studies different styles of dance from 

the most popular ways of movement (flamenco or arab folkdances) 

to the academic ones (ballet or contemponary dance). In order to search 

the fine line that connects the organic way of movement which is the basis of folk 

dance with the encoded movement that is inside the academic styles. 

Nowadays she works in her own company "DESveladas danza" where explores 

the differents ways to integrate a contemporary concept about choreography 

and performance in the tradicional dance. And has created with the iranian musician Kaveh Sarvarian "KereshmehPerfermonce" a sensory and a ritual journey 

made with the traditionals languages ​​of dance and music mastered by its creators.
(Traditional Persian music is the basis of Kaveh's compositions) Both together take 

those tradicions out of context, in a staging based on a contemporary aproach.

Like educator, she teaches workshops and classes in different cities. Developing her own way to teach the tradicional dance, called "NEOFOLK" and offering laboratories called "Oriental Workout" where she integrates structured and pure improvisation, dance/theater conception, musicality of the body...

Besades, Patricia is a culture activist. Her strong conviction about the importance of cultural dissemination has led her to produce her own radio show "Taraful" focused on dance/music of the Mediterranean area. And to writte a blog where she shares her researchs, travels and reflections.

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