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A new approach to the study of Arab and Balkans

folk dances

Training dance project created by Patricia Álvarez. 

"Folcloriyyat come from to the idea to bring toghether all the khnowlegde about the amazing folk dance world

that I have been learning. In order to transmit its similar characteristics, but full of peculiarities it depends the place and the way that we can use folk dance out of a traditional context.

Folk dances are alive dances and because of this are expanding, are changing and are renewing in a natural way. Folk dance are a bridge that connect past and future."







Folcloriyyat is a proposal to teaching/learnig based on three parts:

-Roots: Technical training based on common movements and dance attitudes.

-Styles: Diferents folk styles trained in a tradicional way.

-Evolutions: Those tradicional folk dances put out of contex and mixed with other styles.

Based on the premis that the movement is ephemeral but the sensation is eternal. The combination of the three parts is thought in order to have a technical dance learning

at the service of the art, the communication, the feeling and the expression that we create when we dance.

 Folcloriyyat is aimed at Oriental Dance and Tribal Dances dancers or students who are interested in expanding and complementing their dances.

This three parts are taught by Patricia Álvarez and sometimes Folcloriyyat invites differents dancers and musicians in order to enrich content. 

Each edition is dedicated to a different style (Balkans/FlamencOriental/ New Oriental Dance).

You can find all aditional info and dates here.

If you are interested on take Folcloriyyat project to your city or schoold, please contact me, it will be a pleasure for me. 

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